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The features of IAT are
   “QUICK RESPONSE”, which big firms tend to lack and
   “COMPREHENSIVE STRENGTH”, which individual firms tend to lack.


Patent and utility model patent

We are adapted to wide range of technical fields including electricity, mechanics and optics. We also have many experiences in international application to more than twenty foreign countries. During prosecution, we adopt an adequate response for obtaining the registered patent by utilizing the necessary measures including, as necessary, a meeting with the examiner.


We handle many design applications including graphic image design applications. We also have many experiences to file design applications all over the world, more than twenty foreign countries, including a Hague system application.


We correspond to the various requirements by our clients and handle wide range of trademark applications in the field of machinery, food, commodity, electric product, education, restaurant, sport, event, computer, etc. We have many experiences to file international applications based on Madrid protocol system to more than seventy foreign countries.

Trial for invalidation and litigation

We handle opposition and trial for invalidation to domestic and overseas patent, utility model patent, design and trademark. Regarding warning and infringement suit, we cooperate with a consulting layer or a partnership layer of our firm, or a staff having experiences of licensing activity.

Search and expert opinion

We handle various searches and opinion works for domestic and international patent, utility model patent, design and trademark.

Works contract related

We handle checking and making various contracts regarding IP. The languages we handle are Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. We hear and fully understand the business situation of a client and then we keep supporting the client until reaching a mutual agreement by advising aspects including legal issues. IAT is a member of Licensing Executives Society Japan.


(Trade secret, domain name and copyright and consulting)