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IAT, which has been founded in 2002, is an international law firm handling patent, utility model patent, design and trademark. There are totally 24 employees including 7 patent attorneys working at Tokyo head office, Ueno office, Nagano office and Shanghai (China) office. We have handled to file Japanese patent applications from our overseas clients, such as in US, Europe, China, Korea and Taiwan. We believe that we can help your business in Japan.

IAT promises the following two commitments to the clients.

1. IAT always contributes to the growth of the client’s business by realizing the maximum potential of the client’s IP (Intellectual Property) based on worldwide perspective.

IP is a business tool which is valid all over the world. Therefore, IAT proposes to utilize IP strategy for the client’s business. Each employees understand well about foreign IP systems in addition to Japanese IP system and also have wide knowledge and experiences regarding the other areas (such as design, trademark or license) besides his/her special area (for example, patent).

2. IAT provides services to the clients with a view of “beyond 100%”

First, IAT, as an attorney office of IP, provides with a sense of security by achieving 100% results requested by the clients. Furthermore, IAT tries to provide some value-added (beyond 100%) in order to provide further satisfaction. We, as “Team IAT”, will keep our promise written above and provide the best services to our clients.


Representative partner / Patent attorney
National Qualification for Intellectual Asset-Based Manager